~Court of Pure Souls~
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Seireitei came from Soul Society (SS) which originally started on Xiah with four people-- Shadowfox, Xilia, Kobioshi, and Renjisan. They later moved to Cabal EU and formed the guild SoulSocietyWorld. Upon Cabal NA's open beta (OB) the guild and its members transferred to the game. The incredible four -Shadowfox, Xilia, Kobioshi and Renjisan - founders created the guild Soul Society. The very first guild leader was Shadowfox but it was Xilia who created the guild by farming ten million alz at Fort Ruina.
The summer of 2008, is when our current leader -DavidKan- met Shadowfox and Xilia in Mutant forest which then after two months later he joined the guild. Another two months have passed and he was promoted to vice captain and thats around the time when the reknowned guilds Yumeji, Saiyans, and Unity merged with SoulSociety. At that same time, toca4eva was promoted to 4th squad captain to join the team.Later one the founders of the guild retired and promoted toca to become the 3rd Soutaicho or Captain Commander. On May of 2008, DavidKan was entrusted the 4th Soutaicho position and during the summer he then handed the throne to Ticky to become the 5th Soutaicho. At around September the council of the guild disbanded SoulSociety and moved to Aion....After David and the Captains of Soul Society left to AION, toca4eva1 decided to remain in the guild and try and rebuild it. However, after many attempts to do so, toca4eva1 decided to join his friends in AION while promoting Jathniel to the rank of 7th Captain Commander. Jathniel and his followers and newly promoted Captains quickly instituted new policies which allowed the guild to stabilize long enough for them to start the recuperation of the guild. With his loyal followers and his Captains, Jathniel was able to save the guild from the brink of death. Furthermore, he promoted a peace treaty amongst both the guilds. He spoke of unification with the emphasis of teamwork and a vision of leading Capella as an example. His vision was ultimately seen by everyone, thus, the hatred between the guilds: SoulSociety and Seireitei had vanished and a new desire to work together for the common goal was in place.

...but the story just would'nt end like that...

November came...
and DavidKan came back for Cabal by joining a guild named AdoboNation. After having a fun stay with the guild he then knew that there were some SoulSociety members who wanted the guild reformed and so later on him and a friend named aike created the guild Seireitei (which stands as the court of pure souls.) The guild is growing...On december 19th they completed a successful merge with members of Adobonation, Ares, FiRe, LastResort, and Revived

It's members all fiercer than ever...
as they all shout a battlecry...

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